1 = Bcgirl

2 = Goggles99

3 = Paulinekovaleva

4 = SkySS

5 = TwistedAlpha

1. It was dawn and the forest was dead silent. So quiet you could hear a fly breathing if there were one around to breath.

2. In fact It was too quiet. Alemas the muscly lumberjack felt uneasy so left his work and returned to his cosy cabin in the woods.

3. Meanwhile, his friend Sky was constructing a strange device. It had lots of gears and levers and buttons.

4. Sky saw Alemas doing something totally wrong, picking his nose and eating the boogers. He had no idea what was going on so he dropped the hammer he was using and it landed on his toe, and Sky said "My toey woey hurty wurty!"

5. Alemas, panicking from the sudden sound of Sky's screams, hurled his lumberjack axe straight at him. The blade cut Sky's arm clean off.

1. Shocked into silence, Sky stared wide-eyed at the equally surprised lumberjack. "i, I'm s-sorry..." stumbled Alemas.

2. "UGGNH...I-it's okay...really.." weakly muttered Sky as he fell to his knees from pain. "Here use this! Bandages are hard to come by around here" said Alemas, handing Sky his sweaty woolen beanie.

3. Alemas started calling for help, his voice sounding loud amongst the trees. "What happened?" asked a random camper who came on his screams.

5. "I was busy lumberjack pro," Alemas explained in broken English, "and threw axe when startle by scream." He gestured to the profusely bleeding stump of Sky's right arm.

1. Seeing Sky wrestling with the hat for the first time, the camper horrified camper turned pale. "This poor fellow needs immediate help, but there's nothing save the trees and that old mine around for miles!" he shrieked

2. "Well then...I really didn't want to have to do this. But it looks like I have no choice" said Alemas as he pressed a button in the back of his axe cupboard. The entire cupboard spun inside-out to reveal a hidden cave with high-tech equipment and communications.

3. "Are...Are you Batman?!" asked the random camper, whose name was Spy. Alemas didn't reply, but only started looking for something.

5. "No," Alemas replied. "But you know much. Too much." Faster than Spy could blink, Alemas detonated the nuclear weapons hidden in the hidden facility and jumped for his spaceship.

1. At the last second Alemas heard Sky scream, "Wait, Alemas! I never finished the repairs on that ship! Whatever you do, don't press the..." Sky clutched his gadget he had been working on and it  instantly lit up and transformed into a force field right as the nuclear explosion shattered the silence of the forest air.

2. *Zzrrp!* went the force shield as Sky power it down. He slowly got up clutching the sweaty, rank old lumberjack's beanie to his wounds as he wandered aimlessly through the smoke and debris from the blast "Ale?? Ale? Stupid Ale...about to leave me here alone with nothing but with an old hat..serves him right!". "OI!! I happen to be very attached to that hat, thank you very much " said a suspiciously Ale-like voice emitting from a tiny cockroach at his feet.

3. "What? Who are you?" asked Sky, looking around. "I'm Alemas' twin. He turned himself into a human using his gadgets and chemicals." said the voice.

5. Alemas' spaceship had anti-nuclear plating and as a result, survived the blast and successfully reached orbit. He was now bashing every button he could in order to find the one he was told not to press.

1. Confused, weak and in pain, Sky leaned on Spy who had escaped harm with the force field. "Wait, Alemas is really a cockroach? ...All these years and I never knew." mumbled Sky shaking his head.

2. *beep beep!* Went Sky's Samsung Galaxy S5 (that Ale had given to him last christmas). "Oi!" came Alemas' panicky voice, crackly and fuzzy due to the nuclear radiation. "Which is that button??"

3. "It's the-" and then Sky's phone powered off, because he forgot to charge it. Alemas screamed in fear, and hit the biggest and most red button he had not noticed before now.

5. “Why did call Spy?” Alemas asked in his trademark broken English - he was sure he had called Spy, who knew which button it was, but instead Sky picked up. That was weird, but Alemas decided the best course of action was to turn his ship around and begin bombarding the forest with antimatter shells.