Bu = BusyCityGirl

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

Sk = SkySSundee

Go = Goggles99

Tw = TiwstedAlpha

Ri = Riolu777

Av = Avalair

Bu. *crash!* startled, Pauline looked up from the book she was reading by the warm fire and scanned the empty room. Hearing more scuffling from upstairs, she crept to the foot of the stairs in the old creaky mansion.

Pa. Something scurried by her. When Pauline turned, she saw a small wooden ball behind her.

Sk. The wooden ball dissapeared and then something latched onto Pauline with a massive name tag saying "Goggles99". The baby Goggles creature looked at the human and said "Googogaga! Are you my mowmy?"

Bu. "Goggles! How ever did your silly ball escape your crib? You won't tell your mother the babysitter took her eyes off the baby will you?" asked Pauline picking up the baby and ball. *kshhh* "What?! That sounded like the attic window breaking!"

Go. The baby goggles creature sneezed and shot bright red lasers out of its nose which burnt twin holes in the floor. Pauline casually side-stepped the smoking holes in the floor and continued up the stairs to the attic.

Sk. The goggles creature suddenly grabbed his goggles sword that could destroy Pauline in one second. "ITS VERY EFFECTIVE." said scary voices that sounded like disembodied children.

Tw. Pauline went Super Saiyan and destroyed the baby Goggles99. It was sad and everyone was cry.

Bu. Suddenly realizing what she had done, with a loud clang, Pauline dropped dropped the sword she had snatched out of the baby's hands and slowly backed away shaking her head.  The parents of the superpower baby had trusted her to care for Goggles because of her knowledge and past training with a gang of international bandits and now seeing that sword had brought back old memories and she let it get the best of her!

Go. *crash bang!* Came from the attic suddenly! Pauline looked up towards the attic and saw a sleepy toddler Bcgirl making her way out of the attic and down the stairs, stretching and yawning. "Good morning miss Paulin....wha?? What happened to my brother?!"

Ri. Pauline could only stare in haunting silence, pointing fiendishly toward the mound of growing broccoli sprouting from her stomach. BCGirl puked and then beat Pauline with a pillow.

Bu. "How could you? How could you?!? My brother actually had cool superpowers like lazar vision, unlike my useless ability to grow plants wherever I want! And what do you do? Destroy him?! I'm telling Mom!" BCGirl dropped the pillow, pushed passed to sobbing babysitter, and stormed down the stairs.

Go. "I...I'm sorry...It's just that...tha.." Pauline broke down and was unable to finish. Besides, Bcgirl was already past her and was reaching up to to the small round table that the fashioned old telephone was kept on, trying to call her mother.

Pa. Suddenly, the wood door creaked. A burst of wind came in, and a shadowy figure crept through.

Ri. The figure stepped into the light and revealed itself to be a throbbing, levitating fetus wearing a cowboy hat while saddling an emo rubber ducky decked out in full clown attire. "I" the fetus telepathically communicated, "for the little girl and her vomited potato salad..."

Av. BCGurl fell down the steps, due to slipping on her own puke. When Pauline went down to help her, she noticed BCGurls eyes were glowing purple!

Bu. BCGirl  landed on the cold basement floor and lay staring at the cobweb coated ceiling. She could see Pauline crouched next to her was saying something to her, but she couldn't hear her and she felt rather odd.

Go. *BOOM* The top half of the Fetus exploded into rainbow confetti, and standing in the middle of it was a tall handsome figure. He flicked his long, silky, flowing hair back and yelled "I AM RIOLU777! Father of baby Goggles99 and toddler Bcgirl! My special power is to turn into a levitating fetus wearing a cowboy hat while saddling an emo rubber ducky decked out in full clown attire. I AM STUNNING! Look at my bald eagle chest hair!!!"

Pa. BCGirl cried out, "Daddy!" and hugged him. Riolu's hair, which was a wig, accidentally fell on her, and she started to glow with purple light and cry rainbows, because she was transforming into.... something.

Ri. BCGirl began to convulse and chant cultic postal codes out into screeching horror. Her body magically transformed into a gruesome anthropomorphic jalapeño, dripping with vengeance and lard.