Cl = ClonetrooperCobb

Go = Goggles99

Ne = Nehpets7000

Sk = SkySSundee

Tw = TwistedAlpha

Cl. It was a quiet night, Cobb was intently watching the Monday night game. He heard somethung crash in the kitchen, so he naturally shot up and looked to see what happened...

Go. Cobb grabbed his favorite blanky and held it close to cofort himself. He ever-so-slowly slowly walked into the kitchen, chewing his nails nervously as he went.

Ne. Then all of a sudden, Cobb felt the ground shake, and he looked at the rumbling wall. Out of nowhere, the koolaid man burst in, shouting his signature "OH YEAH!" as he crashed into the kitchen wall, traumatizing Cobb possibly foreveer.

Sk. Cobb got up. He dusted himself off, and then he saw the koolaid guy holding a machine gun now screaming "YAAAHHRRRR!"

Tw. Cobb screamed and fell to the floor again, curling himself into a ball as he waited for a random event to occur and save him, but it never came. The bullets pierced his body and penetrated his internal organs; he could not even find the strength to scream, but his eyes were open as he saw the regeneration energy begin to emanate from his bullet-riddled form...

Cl. Feeling the energy surge through himself, which seemed to come in the form of music, a faint sense of the song "Stayin' Alive", he found the strength to pull the comfort out of his comfort blanky. He revealed an Israeli military grade Uzi. He fired at the Kool-Aid Man and managed to stand in the power of his seeming victory.

Go. Kool-Aid Man started bursting forth nice delicious Kool-Aid from all his bullet holes like a crazy magic kool-aid fountain and all the children of the world felt this glorious event inside their children glands and they all came rushing to the dying kool-aid man from all corners of the globe. They came from the asia, the europe, the Australia, and even Germany to drink and play in this glorious kool-aid fountain!

Ne. But suddenly, there was an explosion at the koolmaidman's location. He has absorbed the children's power, and with their strength, he took final form which was...THE ILLUMINATI!

Sk. The illuminati's first and only goal was to go and see if he could find Heaven, and with his power, he tried to get there. And he teleported too

Tw. Once the Illuminati teleported to heaven, it realized it had actually stumbled onto the set of Doctor Who, while they were filming Series 9! It began to Illuminatify everyone on the set.