Ra = RagingTofu

Sk = SkySSundee

Bu = BusyCityGirl

Cl = ClonetrooperCobb

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

Ra. In the lands of Laameebeewaa lived an ordinary person named Ragey. Ragey's life was normal until one day when darkness began to cover the lands of Laameebeewaa...

Sk. The darkness came from out of nowhere and it suddenly approached Ragey. "You are the chosen one. You are the leader of our earth, or home, or cities, our planets and our galaxies. You are the leader of the dark universes."

Bu. "You are..." Ragey closed his book in frustration. He was just getting to the good part, and suddenly couldn't see  the page anymore. He flipped out his handy pocket flashlight, but the batteries were dead. 

Cl. "He proceeded to then take out his phone, and listen to music. While doing so, he walked through his darkened house to find new batteries for his flashlight, guided by the faint light of his phone.

Pa. "There they are," said Ragey to himself and picked up the batteries - however, what he found was not what he was looking for. The objects he held in his hand were small cubes, made out of some unknown blue substance, which started glowing the second he touched them.

Sk. He dropped it almost immediately and looked in horror as it broke and exploded into a puff of blue smoke. Ragey tripped over his own feet and started to cough, and then, he fell asleep.

Bu. Hours passed and Ragey finally awoke from a fitful slumber with a dizzying headache. Hearing a strange whirring sound, he slowly sat up and looked around. Or did he? It was so dark still, he couldn't tell if his eyes were open. 

Cl. "We have to go right now!" said a whispering voice next to him. Ragey gained some sense of consciousness and looked around, faintly making out a figure near him and in the distance what looked like... Terminator-like robots?