Bu = BusyCityGirl

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

To = ToneTyphoon

Ca = Cakedude

Go = Goggles99 

Bu. When Pauline saw the smoke rising from the tiny reptile's head, she placed the creature in a box and headed for the lab. A little smile played at the corners of her mouth.

Pa. Pauline had found it the day before, and was observing the small red creature since then. She had a theory that it might even be a baby dragon.

Bu. Tucking the little box in her coat, Pauline made a dash out of the coach and into the rain. She had decided to show her discovery to Chip, the castle's mad scientist and her personal teacher.

Pa. She opened the massive wooden door and came inside. Chip and her assistant purple pizza turtle were doing research on something.

To.  Realizing she wasn't alone, Chip quickly hid her research materials. "Ok, if anyone asks, you didn't see that," she said. "Now what are you doing here so early?"

Bu. Pauline raised a questioning finger but didn't get to ask her question because she was too busy coughing and sputtering. Her coat had squirmed and a little puff of blue smoke nearly choked her.

Ca. Chips went over to help Pauline. "Here drink this," Chips told her as she handed her a glass filled with red liquid.

Go. *POOF* The potion caused Pauline to turn into a small toy train set. The baby dragon thought this was great, squeezed into a carriage on the train, and waited for it to depart which caused Chippy to clap with glee and yell "Traaains! c: "

Pa. After watching for a few minutes, Chip apologized with a laugh, "Okay, sorry, I just had to test the potion on someone." Then she returned Pauline to her original state, and cast a curious look at the reptile.

To. Chip reached for the creature. It slinked up her arm, tongue flicking in and out, nostrils smoking.

Bu. Pauline glared at chip and checked herself over for any left over train parts. Meanwhile Chip cautiously reached out her hand to stroke the red critter who sat perched on her shoulder, but in a flash, it disappeared!