Bu = BusyCityGirl

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

To = ToneTyphoon

Go = Goggles99

Bu. When Goggles found a bottle near the shoreline, he felt compelled to read the note which had been tucked inside it. Icy wind slashed at his face and the rain danced its evil dance upon his head as he tried to get his bearings on the isolated beach.

Pa. Finally, after almost losing his headphones in the cold sea, he managed to grab the bottle. Goggles was confused at the words written on the piece of paper inside.

To. "Well, Howdy. You wouldn't happened to have any spare croutons? Us over here are all fresh out." - Alemas

Bu. Goggles rubbed his eyes and tried to shield the running ink form the storm. Had he read that right?! Croutons?! Alemas had sent many strange messages but none like this. Maybe it was a code...

Pa. Goggles tried reading it backwards. It all made sense now!

Bu. Snotuorc! Of course! Croutons backward spelled this funny name Alemas had come up with years ago for his secret project. Now why would he disguise it in such a funny way unless he was in some danger of being discovered...?

Pa. And so Goggles decided to investigate - he went to his small house in the middle of the island, and after a few minutes, Batman came out. Goggles (who was secretly Batman) activated his jetpack, and rocketed up into the sky in the direction of Alemas' castle.

Bu. Not three feet above the treetops, his jet pack groaned and died. Thinking fast, Goggles activated his instant parachute and grumpily glided back to the rocky sand.

Pa. It was strange, never before had his jetpack betrayed him like that, so he examined it, and soon it was clear that someone had drained all the fuel. And the ship which brought him supplies - including jetpack fuel - would only arrive in 2 weeks.

Bu. So much for investigation! Gathering up the sorry mess of a jet pack, Goggles pulled off his batman mask and trudged home through the driving rain.

Pa. In the middle of the night, a noise awoke him - he recognised it as the sound of a landing helicopter, and there was only one person who landed helicopters on his island in the middle of the night. Nehpets.

Bu. Yawning, Goggles pulled his quilt higher. He knew Nehpets would find his way over and scavenge the lemon cake sitting in the fridge. His day had not gone as planned and he wasn't about to interrupt his sleep just for Nehpets.

Pa. "Get up you lazy sloth," called Nehpets, entering his house. Still not wanting to awake, Goggles pushed a button and his bed, and everything on it, including him, became invisible.

Bu. "Well suit yourself. I'll just unpack this giant box from Alemas labeled CROUTONS all by myself." Taunted Nehpets between bites of cake. He heard a faint mumble from the bedroom, "Oh you..."

Go. "Ohahaha Neh-pie, you're so funny. You're American, you know you're only allowed to eat cheesbur-WAIT!!! Did you say CROUTONS?!" Goggy flicked off his bedroom's cloaking device and raced downstairs. "Don't eat that!! It's..." but he was too late.

Pa. By the time he was downstairs, there was a tuxedo cat in his kitchen instead of Neh. Nehpets seemingly didn't notice his transformation and continued to consume the cake.

Bu. "Ugh, Nehpets!! Nonono! Gah, now look what you've done... Those weren't crouton croutons, they were experimental formulas in disguise, and possibly my only hope of understanding that bottled note! Now what am I to do with you? See it's all part of... of... Wow I'm talking to a cat... Hahaha, you do look quite ridiculous."

Go. Goggles sighed, "Nehpets I really wish you wouldn't keep doing this....", *meow*, "Yes yes I know it's cool you can turn into a cat on demand but it gets annoying....actually come to think it, you being that size may make the extraction of Alemas' experimental formulas from your system no it won't of course I don't have any spare cat food, I only like dogs! No...Neh...Neh get back here....dont you rip up that curtain! NEH!!!!!!!!!"

Pa. "Why were you calling me?" asked Nehpets, coming out from the fridge (which was obviously bigger on the inside). "But.. wha... what is that cat, then?" asked Goggles, to which Nehpets replied with a laugh, "That's what was inside the package."