Bu = BusyCityGirl

Fo = FortressOfNight

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

Cl = ClonetrooperCobb

Bu: The car screamed to a halt, four men wearing masks jumped out and ran into the nearest building, FortressOfNight looked around. The street was deserted except for him.

Fo: He quietly approached the building the men had run into. Peering through the gaping doorway, he saw the last of them turn into a room to the left.

Pa: Silently passing through the shadows, Fortress followed the intruders. He had been quietly waiting for them to arrive for a while now.

Bu: In fact the whole town had been waiting for seven agonizing days. This was the perfect location and everyone knew it.

Fo: Fortress slipped into the building, following the shadows and avoiding the light of the moon, until he reached the room the men had entered. He silently entered the room, nobody noticing, took up a position in the shadowy corner, and began to wait.

Pa: Soon, the people started discussing something, frequently pointing at a device one of them was holding. Taking some gear of his own, Fort put the small metal piece to his ear and could hear every word of the conversation.

Bu: "...we don't have much time, Madkat, Drew is not far behind and..." "I know I know! If i can just get this... Shh... What was that?"

Fo: One of the men spun around, looking straight at Fortress, and began to yell. Fortress sprinted from the corner toward the moonlit doorway, dropping several small devices behind him as he ran deeper into the building.

Pa: As he ran out of the building, he crashed into someone. His partner was guarding the exit and hadn't expected him to be back so soon.

Bu: "You!? No time to lose, we've been discovered... What?" two voices hastily whispered in unison. "You were caught? Me too! Come on I'll explain in a sec!" rushed BCGirl as she yanked Fortress by the arm and shoved him down a concealed hole in the ground.

Fo: "Why is this hole here? Have you been digging escape routes in the street again?" Fortress asked, following her into a dimly lit chamber below. "You're the source of all sinkholes in the world, you know."

Pa: "Just go, if you don't want to get caught again," replied she and increased her pace. Fort followed, and soon they arrived a bit outside the town.

Bu: While BCGirl and Fortress slinked their way across a field to their secret base, Kat, and Cobb activated their device and abandoned the building in a hurry. They collected Fort's lost items and regrouped with the other two who were still winded from chasing BCGirl and Fort.

Cl: Just as the group was together again at last, enemy soldiers ambushed the squad and held them at gunpoint. "Well, well, well.... What do we have here?" commented a man who was dressed as black as the night.

Fo: "We should be asking what we have here, not you," Cobb said. "Or have you forgotten? We're everywhere." The shadows began to shift around them growing larger and closing in as the man in the cloak became increasingly uncomfortable.

Pa: "Stop it, this isn't the right time, Tone!" hissed Madkat. The shadows calmed down, and Cobb thought, "Looks like my plan is working."

Bu: "Wait! Halt! Soldiers, lower your weapons! ...I didn't think they'd unleash their black hole weapon so soon!" Drew's black coat swished noisily as he scrambled past his soldiers to address the gang.

Pa: "Listen up, I'm tired of chasing you, give me back the weapon and I'll leave you alone." he said. But the men stayed silent, while Fort and BCGirl were watching them from a nearby hill.

Bu: Cobb crossed his arms and snickered. "Make us."

Pa: Fort turned to BCGirl and asked, "What is this black hole they're talking about?" "I don't have anything on it, but it's probably the reason of the disasters in all the nearby towns, and it looks like Moonshade is next."

Bu: BCGirl looked thoughtful. "Oh right I said I'd explain didn't I? I knew that masked clan had something ground breaking up their sleeve, but I never realized it was this big! I don't think we have to worry about Moonshade town though. The last seven days when they evaporated those other towns, they didn't leave a mysterious device in any buildings. No, this one is different."

Fo: "Why shouldn't we worry about Moonshade?" Fort asked. "You make it sound like the device is pretty dangerous. What is it, anyway?"

Pa: "Why do I have to do all the research and then explain everything to you? Anyway, my theory is that it's some sort of teleportation matrix," she replied.

Bu: Fortress rolled his eyes, "You may do all the research, well that and all the planning... And I guess the rescuing too... But hey, I'm the one who always has to spy right up close!" "Not ALL the planning. I mean we get orders from Drew, he just leaves out details. But you know, it's supposedly safer that way, not knowing all the pieces of the puzzle."

Fo: "But if we don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, how can we put the picture together?" Fort complained. "Drew doesn't trust us! As if we'd ever throw in with Kat and his gang-- Oh!" A blinding flash enveloped the scene below the hill, and when it faded, the gang and Drew were all gone, with only a strange cylindrical object left to mark the site.

Pa: Focusing his high-tech binoculars on it, Fort soon recognized it as the device one of the gang was holding back in the building. He noticed something else too - there was a wide but not very deep dent in the place where Drew and everyone else were a minute ago.

Bu: BCGirl gasped, "Woah what in the world?! Was that a... Did it just... I can't even... Wow..." "How interesting... Weird. Well, only one thing to do now!" called Fort as he switched on a flashlight and hopped over the rock they were crouching behind and skittered down the hill toward the object.

Pa: BCGirl warned him that the object might be dangerous, but Fortress didn't listen. He inspected the object and the ground around it, then carefully picked it up - the device was unusually heavy for its size.

Bu: Noticing something inscribed on the side, Fort read the words "Project PAULI". Recognizing the Perfect Assassination Unit Lethal Intent device, he dropped it an instant later and checked himself over to be sure he hadn't evaporated himself.

Pa: Relieved he was still in tact, Fort heard a clicking sound, accompanied by a low hum. Glancing at the object below him, he realized he had somehow activated it!

Bu: Thinking at the speed of light, and moving even faster, BCGirl tumbled down the hill, jerked off Fort's spy watchful watch, threw it at the Project PAULI and yanked him by his sleeve into a concealed trapdoor in a nearby tree trunk. Then through a crack in the bark, two pairs of wide eyes watched the watch vanish.

Pa: A minute passed, and nothing happened, but just as they were about to go out, there was an enormous blast of energy. It seemingly didn't affect anything, and the Project PAULI was unharmed, but somehow everything seemed to be... slower.

Bu: "Mmyy wwaattcchh! Wwhhaatt ddiidd yyoouu ddoo tthhaatt ffoorr?!" cried Fort slowly when he realized what BCGirl did. "Iitt hhaass aa ttrraacckkeerr ddoeessnn'tt iitt?" BCGirl replied matter-of-factly.

Fo: "Yeeeessss," Fort replied. "Buut iit's okaay... it loses its effect after it time shifts-- oh there we go." He frowned at BCGirl. "Now why did you do that? I would've been just fine without your "help"! And did you SERIOUSLY build a hiding spot into this random tree here that we had no idea we were going to need? Or are you messing around with time travel? AGAIN?"

Pa: "No... of course not... We need to find Drew. If the gang still has those tracking devices you dropped, it'll be no problem to locate them." she said and looked at her super spy-phone.

Bu: "Oh right! See? I erm knew they would come in handy yeah." BCGirl smiled, "Uh huh, then I'm sure you also knew Drew has the tracker that tracks them and he's not here. ...Now you see why I threw your tracker watch? Sorry about the time warp thing, I forgot it does that."

Pa: With that, she opened something on her phone and tried to track Fort's watch. The signal was faint but stable, and she and Fort went in the direction it came from.

Bu: After walking for almost an hour, they found themselves standing at the top of a cliff. "Okay Fort, your turn to figure out the plan." BCGirl sat down.

Pa: "We jump!" His partner gave him a long look. "Are you crazy? That's all you could think of?" "I suspect there's an invisible base below. Here, uhh..." He picked up a rock and threw it down.

Bu: They both leaned precariously over the edge and watched as the rock went *tip plunk plink klunk thunk splash* down into a small creek. "well so much for... Look!" with a low grumble, a large part of the cliff face slid to the side and a narrow staircase leading down into it was revealed.

Pa: "Hah, told you my plan would work." BCGirl rolled her eyes and cautiously started descending. A few lamps on the wall turned on, lightning the staircase.

Bu: "Stay on your guard, I don't know what to expect." Cautioned BCGirl in a whisper. "Pff I'm always on my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaurd..." FortressOfNight disappeared from sight down dark pit.

Pa "Fort!" she cried. Carefully but quickly she went down where she last saw her partner - the stairs suddenly ended and only a giant gap in the rock lay before her.

Bu: She knelt down to peer as best she could and froze when he heard a gruff chuckle from somewhere nearby. "Heh heh, you really outdid yourself this time Klint. You sure made our lair invisible alright. No one would think to look inside a cliff."

Pa: A small pebble flew right past BCGirl. She looked in the direction of where it came from and saw Fort, seemingly levitating (actually standing on top of the invisible lair) over the pit and making hand signs to her.