Go = Goggles99

Ne = Nehpets7000

Pa = Paulinekovaleva

Sq = SquashBrain

Go: The man in the bright pink hoodie snuck over, ever so quietly to behind the barn. He was looking for something.

Ne: He stabbed a pig and burned it, because he wanted some bacon. But he needed one more thing before he could make it...

Pa: He took out his ever-present frying pan, but an arrow suddenly flew past him. He turned his head and saw his rival standing a few meters away.

Sq: His rival, Mr. Potato Head chuckled as he walked slowly towards him. "Let's settle this once and for all, shall we?"

Go: "So we meet once again Mr Potato Head!! You have meddled in my bacon frying affairs for the last time fatty-face" the pink hoodie man said as he unsheathed his bright pink lightsaber.

Ne: Mr. Potato Head lunged at him but pink hoodie man (who is now named Wokka for reasons) was too quick for him, and he dodged the attack expertly. Wokka then force fed Mr Potato Head potatoes, making him into a cannibal.

Pa: Crazed with anger, Mr. Potato Head raised his hidden sword above the man and was about to strike, when something unexpected happened.

Sq: Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mrs. Potato Head came.. out... of nowhere. "Looks like you're all out of tricks, now...." Mr. Potato Head taunted.

Go: But Mrs.Potato Head had tears in her potatoey eyes "How could you eat your own kind, Tatey?? This is the final straw, I want a divorce!!"

Ne: Mr Potato head sobbed and his life felt like it was over now. Wokka decided to end his misery and eat him.

Pa: Using his frying pan (which was apparently also magical) he shrunk Mr. Potato Head to a normal potato's size. He kept sobbing and didn't even notice the change.

Sq: Mrs. Potato Head screamed as she ran out the door. Hearing the scream, Wokka realized what he had done to Mr. Potato head and did a stupid victory dance.

Go: Before Wokka could slice up Mr Potato head into french fries, a tardis appeared from nowhere and out stepped a Chipika, armed with many safety axes. She looked very serious 3:<