Bo = Bonrw1

Bu = BusyCityGirl

Fo = FortressOfNight

Go = Goggles99

Lu = Lunaicus

Pa = PaulineKovaleva

Bu:When Pauline ignored the "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign on BM 's property line, she had no idea what the consequences would be. She walked through the gate casually

Fo:The first consequence was a 9.4 earthquake hitting the ground directly below her feet. It also turned out that the ground was made out of delicate pottery shards.

Go:Pauline quicked up as many pottery shards as she could before the earthquakes intensity got to high. Then stuck them all together to build a giant protective terracotta orb around her.

Pa:After a few minutes, the earthquake ended, and Fort came out to see who had intruded on his property. However when he glanced around, there was no one to be seen. there IDK

Bu:Not noticing the orb among all the dirt, Fort scowled at the sinkhole that had opened up in his lawn for the earthquake. "Fine. Wanna play hide and seal? Time for phase two."

Fo:Now that his backyard, house, property, suburb, city and the majority of his state had been devastated by a 9.4 earthquake impacting less than a meter below the ground, Fort decided there wasn't much to lose from an orbital nuclear bombardment. He teleported into the International Space Station using his top-secret US government technology and activated the machine gun nuke launchers he had installed secretly.

Go:But then Fort suddenly had to go to the bathroom before he got to blow stuff up, which gave Pauline time to escape and enter into Fort's secret lair. Then she found something amazing and terrifying at the same time.

Lu:She found the pool named pooline and she was terrified of it since it could talk but they became friends and fort blew himself up by accident and died

Pa:Then, Pauline snapped out of the odd dream that Fort inflicted on her using telepathy, and discovered she had been captured. But not for long.